How to make a Flower Pot in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, there are countless possible ways for players to decorate their homes, and one specific item, the Flower pot in Minecraft, has the sole function of being decorative. Before being added to the game, users who wanted to have flowers inside their homes had to use an entire block of land to serve as a base, which defeated the entire aesthetic purpose of the plants. 


The Flower Vase is a very simple item, created with just three bricks, made from Clay blocks, in a Furnace. To find Clay, simply look for grayish blocks on river slopes. They have a similar appearance to a block of sand, and can even be confused when seen underwater. When you destroy them with a Shovel or other tool, the Clay blocks release four Clay pellets. Each of these balls can be converted into a Brick, using a Furnace.

How to make a Flower Vase in Minecraft?

Want to know how to make a vase in Minecraft, but don’t know where to start? The process is very simple and can be carried out in just a few minutes. This object can be used to grow plants, essential for the user’s survival in the game and in various recipes.

The game automatically generates plant pots. These can be found in the witch’s hut, in the igloo basement, in the forest mansions,/h and in some houses in different villages. Each of these locations generates a distinct plant. The user, if preferred, can also manufacture the item.

  • Step 1. Look for Clay on river slopes. Three balls of the material are enough to build a Flower Vase; Clay is a natural resource found on the map at the bottom of rivers and lakes.
  • Step 2. Place the Clay in a Furnace with some fuel, such as Coal, and wait until you have three Bricks; Now that we have our clay we will need a kiln to heat them. You can use any fuel, including boards, logs, charcoal, or coal. Place your fuel in the oven as well as your clay balls to receive the brick. You need three bricks in total to create a pot, so create as many as you need to make all the pots you need.
  • Step 3. Take the three Bricks to a Workbench and produce the Flower Vase;
  • Step 4. The Flower Vase in Minecraft can be placed on top of most blocks. To place a flower in it, simply remove the plant from the ground and interact with the Flower Pot, holding it in your hand.

Getting the flower pot in Minecraft naturally:

If you can’t find clay, you can still obtain flower pots by finding them in certain areas. In snowy biomes, you can find an igloo that will contain a flower pot. More flower pots can appear in the swamp biome where there is an abandoned cabin. A final appearance of the flowerpot can be found in the Dark Forest biome in Mansions.

How to use a pot?

All you need to use a pot is to place it where you want it, then add the plant you want inside! The flower pot in Minecraft can hold all kinds of things, such as flowers, bamboo, saplings, cacti, mushrooms, toadstools, and more! Here’s an example of how some of them look: If you want to remove something from the pot, simply target the plant and use the interact button to remove it!

The flower pot in Minecraft, as in real life, is simply a decorative element. You can put each type of flower (except large flowers, such as the rose bush), carmine and quirky roots, tree shoots, dead shrubs, all types of mushrooms, cacti, bamboo, and ferns.