How to make armor stand in Minecraft?

The armor stand in Minecraft serves precisely to keep armor mounted on its structure; find out how to do it in the game.


The game Minecraft has many items and objects that do not have such a useful purpose during gameplay and function more as decoration. The armor stand is one of these items, which only works for a practical thing. Find out how to make armor support in Minecraft and see more tips on how to use the object.

Materials needed to make an armor rack in Minecraft

The armor stand in Minecraft needs a few things to craft. The first step is to have the following ingredients in your inventory:

Six sticks

Sticks are simple to obtain. They can be generated with the player’s hand, without a workbench, from wood extracted from trees; To make sticks in Minecraft, you need to place two wooden planks vertically next to each other in the crafting area. You can also do this in your inventory, without using a crafting table. As for wooden planks, you obtain them by placing wooden logs in the crafting area. The type of wood you use does not affect the armor support.


A smooth stone slab

This item is created with smooth stones, generated only when mixing a regular stone with fuel in the Minecraft furnace. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out this simple procedure before creating the reinforcement support itself.

Follow these steps to create a smooth stone slab in Minecraft:

  • First, find and collect three cobblestones using a wooden pickaxe. Stone is a common block in the game, and it drops cobblestones when mined.
  •  Next, melt the cobblestone blocks in a furnace to turn them into regular stone blocks.
  • Then use the furnace again to melt the stone blocks and turn them into smooth stone blocks.
  • Finally, place three smooth stones in the crafting area to fill any line horizontally. This recipe will give you a smooth slab of stone. Alternatively, you can also use a stonecutter in Minecraft to craft slabs without any recipes.

How to create Armor Stand in Minecraft?

Step 1. Use three Boulders in a Furnace equipped with some fuel to obtain three Stones;

Step 2. Place the three Stones back into the Furnace to obtain three Smooth Stones;


Step 3. On a Workbench, use the three Smooth Stones to create six Smooth Stone Slabs. We will only need one;


Step 4. On a Workbench, unite a Slab of Smooth Stone with six Sticks obtained from Wooden Planks to create the Armor Stand;


Step 5. To place items on the Armor Rack, the player simply approaches the armor and presses the interaction button (the same one used to place blocks). To remove items from the holder, press the button once again, this time with empty hands;

Step 6. To change the position of the Armor Support, crouch in front of it and press the interaction button. Once this is done, the block will offer its 12 available poses.

What is an armor stand for in Minecraft?

Getting straight to the point, the armor support serves exactly what its name proposes. It keeps armor mounted on its structure as if it were worn by the player, but stored and unused.

It’s not the most useful use, but it also works as a decoration for those who want to keep their home well organized. Some just want to collect armor of various types and just display it to demonstrate their power – such as magical or diamond armor. It is completely fair and possible, even if its creation is not the simplest.

Armor supports are also considered solid objects, so, in moments of desperation, they block paths, such as passages for monsters or unwanted liquids. But it is not exactly suitable for this use.

Uses of Armor Support in Minecraft

You can use an armor stand in Minecraft for the following purposes:

  • The armor stand can equip armor, mob heads, elytra, and similar items.
  • With the right enchantments, you can also use them for protection and security systems.
  • Since you can carry items directly from the rack, it can also function as a quick storage option.
  • With the help of custom mob heads, you can use the armor stand to create characters and decorate your base.

Where to find an armor stand

If you’re lucky, you can also find naturally generated armor racks in Taiga Villages. Two armor racks in Minecraft usually appear in the outer armory of most Taiga villages. Additionally, these supports appear with iron chest plates and an iron helmet. All you have to do is find a taiga village that has a gunsmith villager.

Differences between Java and Bedrock

Unfortunately, armor support does not work the same on Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. So, you will need to plan your ideas accordingly. The main differences between the two editions are:

  • Armor stand in Minecraft on the Bedrock Edition has default weapons. Players can easily interact with them and can even change the pose of the armor stand by crouching and using the secondary action key on it.
  • On the Java edition, armor stands do not have arms by default. A player can get a stand with arms using commands, but even then they don’t have access to most poses.
  • Finally, all armor stands can hold items like swords in the Bedrock Edition. But there is no such option on the Java edition unless you generate custom armor stands with arms.