How to find iron in Minecraft?

Knowing how to make iron in Minecraft is the secret to being successful in future mining and also to creating resistant equipment.


Minecraft is a building and survival game that allows players to explore a virtual world and collect resources to create items and buildings. One of the most important resources in the game is iron, which is used to create armor, tools, and other essential items. In this article, we will show you some ways to get iron in Minecraft.

How to get iron in Minecraft


The most common way to obtain iron in Minecraft is through mining. Iron can be found in iron ore blocks, which are found in caves and underground mines. To mine iron ore, you will need a stone pickaxe or better. Simply break the iron ore block to obtain the ore, which can be smelted in a furnace to create iron ingots.


Trade with villagers

Another way to get iron in Minecraft is through trading with villagers. Villagers are NPCs that can be found in villages and offer a variety of items to trade. Some villagers may offer iron ingots in exchange for other items, such as food or building materials. Simply interact with the villager and check out the available trade options.

Dungeon exploration

Dungeons are randomly generated underground structures in Minecraft that contain chests with treasures. Some dungeons may contain iron ingots as well as other valuable items. To find a dungeon, you can explore underground caves or use a treasure map. When you find a dungeon, defeat the monsters guarding it and search the chests to obtain iron.

Item Recycling

In Minecraft, it is possible to recycle certain items to obtain iron ingots. For example, you can smelt train tracks in a furnace to obtain iron ingots. Additionally, some structures generated in the game, such as underwater ruins, may contain iron blocks that can be broken and smelted into ingots.

How to make iron in Minecraft?

Iron is one of the main materials for collecting and building objects and items in Minecraft. It is found in nature, but the player always needs to generate bars in smelting. Learn how to make iron in Minecraft. To make an iron bar in Minecraft, you need a furnace and the following items: Iron ore and any fuel (Wood, coal, etc.).


Step 1: Preparation

Before looking for iron, you need to make a stone pickaxe. Remember: you start the game without any resources, so you have to hit trees and collect wood. After turning the wood into planks, you can build a cool one and then craft some wooden tools, including a pickaxe. With the pickaxe, it is possible to mine ordinary stone and it can be used to make tools that last longer and are stronger than wooden ones, and once again we are interested in the pickaxe.

During this preparation process, it is important to keep an eye out for stone blocks with black dots. This is coal, and it will be important later on. (Coal can also be obtained by combining wood and logs, but you will certainly find mineral coal while searching for other resources).

Step 2: Find and collect

Once we have the stone pickaxe, we can then look for iron. As it is a very common ore, it is possible to find it at many levels of depth and sometimes even in the open air. The safest bet is to look in caves. Iron tends to appear more frequently in them and greater quantities.

Once you find the ore block in question, take your stone pickaxe and collect it. Pay attention to the surrounding blocks, because usually several blocks of the same type appear together. When broken, the blocks will drop iron ore on the ground. In the process of exploring the caves, you can use some of the coal from the previous step to produce torches and light the way, but keep it in reserve.

Step 3: transforming the ore into bars

The next step is to transform the ore into bars. This process must be carried out in a furnace, which can be built on the bench using boulders (another resource that you will certainly have in abundance at this point). Place the ore in the furnace along with coal and the furnace will gradually generate bars.

Step 4: Using the bars

The bars serve the same purpose as the boulders and wood from the previous steps and can be used to make tools and weapons. Additionally, bars can also be used to craft buckets, iron blocks, and other useful items. Once again, the priority must be the pickaxe. A sword for defense is also a good choice. From there, it is up to each person to assess what is most necessary considering the situation they find themselves in.


Do not confuse the iron bar with the iron nugget. This is a minor item that can be made by placing armor or tools in a furnace or iron bar on the workbench. With the nugget, it is possible to generate currents or lamps.

Another possible iron item is the block. This is only obtained when we combine nine iron bars in the crafting menu. The iron block is intended for specific constructions, such as the anvil.

Iron is an essential resource in Minecraft and can be obtained in various ways, such as mining, trading with villagers, exploring dungeons, and recycling items. Try these different strategies to get iron and make the most of your crafting and survival possibilities in the game.