How to Make Potion of Swiftness in Minecraft

There are different potions that we have reviewed on previous occasions and they all have something in common, they are very useful in cases of emergency, as is the case with the potion of swiftness in Minecraft.

The speed potion in Minecraft is a concoction that gives us 20% more movement speed for 3 minutes, which is more than enough time to escape from any situation or to get to a certain place as quickly as possible. Next, we are going to follow the steps to be able to make ourselves one of these magical potions that give us super speed.


How to create Potion of Swiftness in Minecraft

Material needed to create speed potion

To create this potion we will need three elements, sugar, a nether wart, and a bottle of water.

Steps to make a potion of swiftness

If you don’t know how to obtain sugar, it is made by refining sugar canes on the classic, and companion, crafting table. To create the speed potion, the first thing we need is to create the rare potion, which is the basic thing to be able to obtain any other potion. We take the bottle with water and combine it with the nether wart in the chemical spill. You can fill your water flask from a watering hole or a cauldron filled with water.


Once we have the rare potion, we are going to add the sugar that we refined previously. We wait for the process to finish and there it is, our speed potion, which will last 3 minutes. Like any potion, it is possible to reinforce its effect by adding a Redstone in the same way as we add sugar or nether wart to the alembic. The speed potion reinforced with redstone will give us 8 minutes of speed increase. Redstone or redstone is obtained from a redstone ore. This element is also used for mechanisms, switches, pressure plates or logic gates. I hope you find it very useful and see you next time.


What is the use of the potion of speed?

This Potion allows you to move faster when you walk! Very handy when you have to navigate thousands of blocks. Tier I and Tier II potions of haste are available.

How to improve the potion of swiftness?

To improve your potion of swiftness, you must combine it with:

  • Redstone powder: so that its duration increases to 8 min and becomes a potion of speed +
  • Luminous Powder: so that it increases your movement speed by +40% and becomes a potion of speed II
  • Fermented Spider Eye: so that it becomes a potion of slowness