How to make a map in Minecraft?

Knowing how to make a map in Minecraft will help you record your adventure or not get lost; Check out the tips below.

The map in Minecraft is an item used to record and visualize the terrain explored by the player. In addition to being able to create them, maps can be found ready-made in shipwrecks and fortress bookstores. Next, understand more about this feature.

How To Make A Map in Minecraft?

Making a map is a simple task, requiring just two items: paper and a compass. Furthermore, as said before, if you don’t want to create it, you can find it in some places such as shipwrecks and fortresses.


Step 1

To create a map you first need two items: a compass and eight sheets of paper; The first thing you need to create is the compass, and then you can effectively create the map. So, let’s go through each one’s steps.

Step 2 Compass

The compass is a slightly complicated item to manufacture, as it requires redstone, which is only found in deeper levels underground. Combine redstone dust with four iron bars and you will have a compass.


Step 3 Paper

Paper, in turn, can be obtained from sugar cane, by gathering three pieces for each sheet. Sugar cane grows on sand blocks that have adjacent water blocks.

Step 4 Map

With all the items in hand, go to a work table, select the map (it is in the same place as the compass), and create it; This way, you create a map to locate yourself in the region you are in. With the compass, the user can see an indication of where they are on the map to facilitate identification.

Step 5

Select the map among your items and use the left trigger to use it. The map is filled with locations that you have already explored, considering the place where you use it for the first time as the central point.

How to craft a card in the game?

For making a map, you will need a compass, place it in the center of the materials to be crafted, and 8 sheets of paper, place all around it in the workbench. If you don’t have a compass, place Redstone powder in the center of your crafting window and 4 iron ingots placed above, below, to the left, and the right of the powder.


If you don’t have any paper, in your workbench, line up 3 candy canes on the bottom line of the craft window to collect 3 leaves. You will therefore need a total of 9 candy canes to create a card. You should know that it is also possible to copy a card, to do this, position your card in the craft window with a sheet of paper next to it.

Tips for Making A Map 

  • If you want an even bigger environment, you can repeat the creation, with the map in the middle block and the papers in the surrounding squares, as in the following photo: 
  •  If you enlarge your map, you cannot reduce it. So, the tip is to create several of them in different sizes so that you can consult when you need something closer or further away.

 How to use the map in Minecraft?

  • Make a blank map;
  • Hold it in your hand;
  • Register your location (PS hold “L2”; Xbox hold “LT”; PE press “create a map”; in other versions, just right-click);
  • Look directly at the map;
  • See the marking of where you are;
  • Explore the surroundings


  • The map records the world as it is if there are changes, a new record must be made to update;
  • Other players only appear on the map if they have a copy of the same map that you are using;
  • Maps made in the Nether and End will appear gray and red, they only serve to indicate their position about where the map was created;
  • They will only be full size if they are being held by the dominant hand and with both hands-free.

Can we guide you?

The maps will help a lot with longer explorations. This way it will be easier to return to the place you were exploring. In case you are in the Netherlands and don’t want to miss the return point, my suggestion is to make the map as soon as you go through the portal. Keep a record of your mining area, and take the time to identify where each material is located.


In conclusion, using a map in Minecraft, the user can adventure through the game’s grand open world without getting lost; the feature is also important for finding friends easily.