Learn how to make an Arrow in Minecraft

Discovering how to make an arrow in Minecraft is essential for explorers, after all, arrows are as efficient as swords. This is because using a bow and arrow you will have a great advantage — the long range. Archers can stay away from most of the game’s dangers and still face them courageously.


The Bow and Arrow are among the main weapons in Minecraft. Although they almost always go together, the two are different items with different recipes. Bows are exclusively used to fire Arrows, while Arrows also serve as ammunition for Crossbows and Ejectors. Both can be enchanted.

To make an arrow in Minecraft you need some basic materials that you can find by defeating monsters, exploring caves, and collecting wood. In addition, it is also possible to create Spectral Arrows and Enchanted Arrows that are even more powerful. In this article, see how to make an arrow in Minecraft!

How to craft arrow in Minecraft?

  • To create an arrow you just need to collect: Flint, sticks, and feathers.
  • This first material, also known as “Flint Steel”, can be obtained by collecting gravel (usually blocks of gravel are found on beaches and rivers).
  • Sticks can be made with wooden blocks and feathers can be found by defeating chickens in Minecraft.
  • Each unit of these materials yields four arrows when placed on the workbench. Thus, it is possible to carry several arrows on your adventure even if you collect a few resources.

How to make a bow in Minecraft

To create a Bow you just need to collect: sticks and cobwebs. During the night, Spiders are one of the most unexpected enemies to face, after all, they arrive very quickly and jump to attack. Therefore, a tip is: to pay attention to the sound they make when they are close to you. Furthermore, at dawn, they disappear leaving their webs on the ground.

How to make special arrows in Minecraft?

You can also make Enchanted Arrows using magic potions. When you find an enchantment table, it is possible to not only enchant your bow with “Flaming Aspect”, but also enchant potions to create more powerful arrows. Once that’s done, just combine them on the workbench!

With these tips, you can become a great archer in Minecraft. Did you like this article? Share these tips with your friends who are just starting in the game!

Preparing Arrows with special attributes

In addition to the normal Arrow and Spectral Arrow, you can prepare Arrows with special properties. To do this, simply combine any number of normal Arrows with any of the game’s potions, like this:

Using this method and applying the different types of potions, you can make the following Arrows in total:

  • Night Vision Arrow
  • Arrow of Weakness
  • Strength Arrow
  • Arrow of Regeneration
  • Invisibility Arrow
  • Poisonous Arrow
  • Super Jump Arrow
  • Damage Arrow
  • Fire Resistance Arrow
  • Water Breathing Arrow
  • Healing Arrow
  • Speed ​​Arrow
  • Slow Arrow

Units hit by the Arrows above will receive the effects of the potion used. However, the duration of the effect will correspond to 1/8 of the potion’s duration.

Archery information

  • A weak shot (charged as little as possible) deals 1 damage and only travels 1 block.
  • A fully charged shot can travel up to 64 blocks away and deals 6 to 8 damage.
  • Critical Arrow damage deals 9 to 10 damage and occurs in 25% of shots.
  • The Strength attribute did not contribute to the increase in Arrow damage.