How to make a water elevator in Minecraft?

Elevators come in various types in Minecraft, see how to make a water elevator in Minecraft in the game and find out how to use it in the best way.


Minecraft has some types of locomotion that defy the laws of physics and follow the “magic” present in the game’s virtual world. One of them is to make the water push the player into the sky – yes, exactly. Continue reading and see how to make an elevator in Minecraft. The water elevator can be done in several ways. It varies according to the player’s creativity. But here I will teach you most simply and practically, at least the basis.

Materials for water elevator in Minecraft

To start a water elevator, players will need some materials. Nothing too complicated. The main components will be water and then any building blocks players will use to contain the water. They will also need Magma and Soul Sand blocks. These are the basic building blocks for the Minecraft Water Elevator.


How to build a water elevator?

Step 1


With the help of a Minecraft crafting table and these materials, players can begin the building process. The basic structure of a water elevator starts with three 1×1 brick, or in this case glass, towers stacked like the image above. Leave the central 1×1 square empty. Towers must be as tall as the floor of the level the player wants to reach with this elevator. Next, players need to place a door at the bottom of the tower and make sure it is closed. Any type of door will work here. Image below. After that, add the fourth side to the tower above the door, as shown in the image below.


Step 2

Players will need a bucket full of water for the next part. Iron ingots are needed to make a bucket, so players just need to use them on any water source to get the watery part of the elevator. The elevator will abuse a strange water feature in the game. Water continues to flow forever if contained properly.

This allows players to make continuous waterfalls, flowing Minecraft portraits made entirely of water, and most importantly, elevators. Pour the water into the space, once you finish filling the space it will remain filled forever even if the door is opened at the bottom of the tower.


Step 3

Now players have a very large height containing 1×1 water. Next, they will need to place a Magma Block or Soul Sand at the bottom of the elevator. Magma blocks will pull players underwater, and soul sand will push players up into the water when placed at the bottom.

Both Magma Blocks and Soul Sand are things players must obtain in the Nether in Minecraft, but both are fairly easy to find or build. Soul Sand is found everywhere in the Nether as is, no crafting required, in the Nether’s Soul Sand Valley biome.

To make a Magma block, players will have to combine four Magma Creams in the crafting menu, two in the first two blocks of the first row and two creams in the first two blocks of the second row. Magma cream is mob loot dropped by Magma Cubes that are found in various Nether biomes in Minecraft. Creams can also be made by combining slime balls with blaze powder.


Now that the elevator is complete, players can go up and down as many times as they want. With this basic structure, players can make all kinds of amazing new elevators to complete their Minecraft masterpieces.

What is the elevator for in Minecraft?

A water elevator in Minecraft mainly serves as a kind of tunnel to take the player or other items from bottom to top, or from top to bottom. The use of water has become common because it is the safest form of transportation. Other materials, such as magma blocks, can harm your character during the journey.

Elevators can also be useful if you are in a multi-story building. This is because a water elevator in Minecraft takes the character quickly from one point to another, helping to save the time it would take if you were to climb a ladder.

Why is water elevator in minecraft important?

It is very useful, especially when we have buildings with several floors, and climbing a ladder can not only be time-consuming, but also risky – such as slipping or stepping “wrongly” and falling, causing major damage.

This is why water elevators are so precise and important. They take the character from one height to another very quickly, and it can be in both directions: up or down.