How to make Throwable Potion of Weakness in Minecraft

If you want to cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft, you will need a Throwable Potion of Weakness, and here in this post, we will teach you how to make one! To produce this potion, you will need some hard-to-find ingredients, but it will be worth the effort as you will be able to convert a zombie villager back into a functioning community.


Weakness potions are used to make your enemy lose strength and therefore destabilize the opponent since he will have more hits to hit you. The potion of weakness is a tool that can help us minimize the damage done by a mob or an opponent. If we use it with a throwing potion, the mob or enemy that is affected will only be able to remove half a heart with any of its attacks. This potion can be a brilliant ally to protect us from any mob in the game unless a creeper suddenly falls on us gives us no time to do anything and makes us fly into the air. So, use this option wisely. 

Ingridients required for potion of weakness

  • Blaze Powder
  • Bottles of Water
  • Fermented Spider Eye
  • Gunpowder

How to get Blaze Powder

Blaze Powder is made from Blaze Rod, an item that can only be obtained by killing a Blaze. This mob is only found in the Nether Fortress.

How to get Water Flasks

Make a Flask using three glass blocks. When you have this item in hand, use the bottle in the water to fill it (like a bucket).

How to get Fermented Spider Eye

To obtain this item you will need a Spider’s Eye, which can be obtained by killing spiders in Minecraft. Additionally, you will need a Brown Mushroom, which can be found most easily in swamps. Put these two items together and you have a Fermented Spider Eye!

Obtaining Gunpowder

Getting Gunpowder in Minecraft is very easy. All you have to do is kill Creepers, as they drop this item when they die.

How to make Throwable Potion of Weakness in Minecraft

Make sure you have a brewing stand ready and have gathered all your ingredients!

Step 1: Use Blaze Powder

Place the Blaze Powder in the box at the top left of the brewing stand. This will power your station and allow you to brew potions. You will notice that the bar next to the center section of the stand will fill with golden yellow. This will slowly decrease as you create more potions.


Step 2: Place the Water Bottles and Fermented Spider Eye

Now place the three water bottles in the bottom squares of the brew stand. Once you have them placed, you can add the Fermented Spider Eye to the top middle square to start the potion-making process. This will take a little while, you can watch the progress of the arrow on the right as it fills with white. Once this has reached the bottom, you will have created Weakness Potions.


Step 3: Place the Gunpowder

To turn potions of weakness into potions of weakness, we will need to add gunpowder. Place a single gunpowder in the top center box and wait for it to infuse. Once completed, you will have yourself the weakness potions you desire!


Heal zombie villagers

Once you have your Splash Potions of Weakness, you can find a zombie villager and throw it at them. Once they are weakened, you will then need to run up to them and give them a golden apple. You will hear a loud noise like thunder and the zombie will start shaking. It will take at least a few minutes before the zombie villager is healed!