Legend or truth? Herobrine in Minecraft

Who’s afraid of Herobrine in Minecraft? Discover one of the most famous urban legends in the game. The Herobrine mob is practically an urban legend in Minecraft. No one knows for sure how he appeared, but the eyeless character has certainly scared some players, as well as raised a lot of curiosity and debates about his existence (or not) on forums about the game. Below, find out more details about the character’s history. Herobrine is seen as a ghost in Minecraft and his first appearance would have happened a long time ago, in the first year of the game.


Who is Herobrine in Minecraft

Herobrine is a Minecraft mob that corresponds to a ghost added to the game as a tribute to Notch’s late brother, the game’s creator. Herobrine’s story divides opinions: some think it is a legend; others believe it is true. Those who have already encountered the monster claim that Herobrine in Minecraft has the same appearance as Steve (the original character used by Notch’s brother). There is a difference, however, in the eyes: Herobrine has completely white, large, and bright eyes, which can be easily seen at night.

How did Minecraft Herobrine come about?


There is no way to pinpoint the exact moment the character appeared. The first reports from those who encountered the entity are very old and all claim that the Herobrine mob appeared randomly, while the player was doing common actions, such as exploring and mining for items.

The legend has existed since the release of Minecraft Alpha and many stories revolve around it. Some say that, for Herobrine to appear, it is necessary to have at least 200 hours of play on the same map in “Survival” mode on the “Hard” level without dying. After this period, strange things start to happen. Reports state that the torches in their houses and caves are exchanged for redstone torches, the glass and blocks are broken and, most terrifyingly, the ghost starts to make brief appearances across the map.

The first report about the appearance of the “ghost” says that during the creation of a map in single-player mode, when everything seemed normal, the player saw something moving in the dense fog that forms when you play with minimal rendering. At the moment, he thought it was a cow. However, as he got closer, the player noticed that it was not an animal, but another character, as if it were another player using the standard Minecraft skin, but in his eyes, there was nothing, just a white space.

Thinking that his map was in multiplayer mode without him knowing, the player checked several times, but it was in single-player mode. Furthermore, one detail caught his attention: the other player did not have a name over his head, as happens in games with more than one user. That situation didn’t last long, the “other player” just looked at him for a few seconds and then ran into the fog and disappeared.

Even though he was a little confused, the player continued playing, but strange things continued to appear. When exploring his map, he found 2×2 tunnels in the mountains, as if someone had mined that place, small perfect sand pyramids in the middle of the sea, and forest trees with their leaves cut off, situations that do not normally happen when a map is generated. While playing, he constantly thought he saw the “other player” in the dense fog, but could never get a clear view of him.

When he finished playing, he decided to go to the game’s forum to see if anyone had had a similar experience, but it seemed that no one had found this “other player”. To better discuss the subject, he created his topic with the topic, however, after five minutes it was deleted. He tried to create the topic once again and it was deleted even faster than the first. After that, he received a message from a user called “Herobrine”, which said just one word: “Stop”. When trying to look at the user’s profile, the page gave an error.

Soon after, the player received an email from another user, who said that “mods” could read the forums and that it was safer to communicate via email. In the message, the other user also said that there was a small “forum” that brought together other players who had gone through the same experience. A month later, the user got back in touch, saying that when they searched for the name Herobrine they discovered that this was the name used by a player in Sweden, Notch’s brother. Personally, the player sent an email to the game’s creator asking if he had a brother and received the following response: “I had, but he is no longer with us.” -Notch

Since then, several other stories have emerged around this legend. Some say that Notch’s brother drowned and was added to the game as a tribute. Although Mojang denies the existence of Herobrine, whenever there is a major update, they put in the modification list that “Herobrine mob has been removed”. We will hardly know if this legend is true or not, but through some mods and maps, we can get the real feeling of fear and apprehension that this story can offer. The most famous mod is “The Herobrine mod”

In it, the player can summon the dreaded ghost by building a totem made with two gold blocks at the base, a mod-specific block with Hero Brine’s face – made with eight bones and soul sand – and a nether rack at the top. To activate it, you need to set fire to the top block and wait for lightning to strike the location, indicating that the monster has already been summoned.

In this mod, the player will need to prepare to face challenges, such as traps, holes in the floor, and possessed animals. Furthermore, you need to be prepared for the sudden appearances of the feared Herobrine in Minecraft, who will not limit himself to just appearing in front of you, he may also be equipped with a diamond pickaxe ready to kill you (which usually happens).

Some players sleep at night so they don’t have to face the monsters, but in this mod, they’re not even safe in the dream world. During sleep, Minecraft Herobrine often invades the player’s dreams, trapping them in houses without doors, in pools of water, and lava that can kill the user while they sleep. So be careful when playing this mod and remember, you are not alone and at any time you may be surprised.

Another way to get even more scared in the Minecraft universe is through an adventure map that has become very popular recently, “Herobrine’s Mansion”. Considering that the Herobrine mod can only be played in single-player mode, this map is ideal for playing with friends, getting scared, and facing the challenges proposed by the creator of the personalized scenario.

In this adventure, players will encounter several custom monsters: six different bosses, a scary story, and, of course, Herobrine. Another advantage of the map is that it does not require any mods. According to its creator, the player will have more than two hours of gameplay guaranteed.

So far there is no proof that the mysterious “spirit” actually exists within the game. The Minecraft developer has declared several times that Herobrine in Minecraft is just a legend, however, it plays with players’ imaginations, always placing the message that he has been removed from its update list.


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