Llama in Minecraft: find out what it is, how to tame it, what it eats, and more

Check out how to tame Llamas in Minecraft and equip them to carry items during great adventures in the blocky world.


Minecraft has several animals that can be tamed to help the player, and one of the most recent is the Llama. These temperamental creatures can be very useful for long journeys, as they carry a good amount of items over long distances. Unlike horses, however, they do not let the user guide them when they are mounted. However, llamas cannot be tamed freely. You can even ride one, but it will go wherever you want. It is not possible to equip a saddle on a llama within Minecraft.

Llamas in Minecraft appear in savannah and mountain biomes, with some variations in their colors. They can be tamed in the same way as horses, by approaching them without items in hand and using the interaction button to ride them. Normally the Llama knocks the player down, but after a few attempts hearts appear, indicating that it has been tamed. Although it can be ridden, the Llama cannot be saddled, so there is no way to control the direction in which it goes. It is recommended to use a Lasso, created with Threads and Slime, to move them.

How to domesticate Llamas in Minecraft

  • Step 1. Find Llamas in savanna or mountain biomes;
  • Step 2. Interact with the Llama without items in hand to ride it. Repeat the process until hearts appear that confirm that it is tamed;
  • Step 3. Take it with a Lasso to the place where you want to keep it;
  • Step 4. It is possible to place a chest on your Llama so that it can carry items, but its carrying capacity depends on the strength of the Llama in question, from three to 15 spaces for items;
  • Step 5. There is also the possibility of placing Wool Carpets on your Llama to identify it.

What do llamas eat in Minecraft?

A llama can be fed wheat or a bale of hay. However, it is important to highlight that food can change the animal’s behavior, restoring its lost health or making the puppy grow much faster. Therefore, each food that the llama accepts has a different reaction. For example, wheat grants the llama two health points and increases its temperament by +3. The hay bale grants 10 health points, while increasing your temperament by +6.


How to raise Llama puppies

Llamas in Minecraft accept wheat as food to recover from damage, but if they already have full energy, offering wheat has no effect. Like almost any tamable animal in Minecraft, llamas can also be bred. By gathering nine units of Wheat on a Crafting Table it is possible to create a Bale of Hay, which can put Llamas into breeding mode when offered with the interaction button. Give Bales of Hay to two Llamas and they will produce a new baby that looks like one of its parents.


How the llama behaves in the game

Within Minecraft, the llama is a neutral mob, that is, a computer creature that does not attack the player unless it is attacked. It’s funny that, like in real life, the llama in Minecraft attacks with spit. The spit, like any other attack, causes normal damage of one heart to the player and can be deadly – ​​although losing the fight to a llama is not the most honorable or beautiful way to view the Minecraft Game Over screen.

However, there is no reason to attack a llama, as they do not leave meat or items when they are eliminated unless they are equipped with one. Additionally, llamas can be equipped with:

  • Chests: to be carriers of items within the game;
  • Carpets: mere decorations