10 tips for beginners in the Minecraft Game

There are several ways to play Minecraft for the first time, both wherever you want and however you see fit. But, it’s always good to know some basic Minecraft tips so you don’t have too many difficulties at the beginning of your adventure. Check out 10 tips that will help you a lot on your journey.

Best Minecraft Tips and Tricks

1. Never run out of materials

Basics: Explore your surroundings and collect materials to create weapons, armor, food, tools, and building materials. Certain regions (such as the underground) have rarer materials, such as obsidian and redstone, but you need to have the right equipment and, of course, it is advisable to have a high level and good equipment to survive.


2. Replant the trees you cut down

When felling a tree, destroy the foliage and collect the shoots for replanting in the future. Dig a hole two blocks deep and place the sprout there. As a result, this sapling will grow into a much larger tree than one planted in a one-block-deep hole. Remember: you have to wait a whole day for the sprout to become an adult tree.


3. Don’t build a wooden shelter

Just like in the story of The Three Little Pigs, wooden shelters are not safe enough. Don’t be fooled by the fact that the material is the most abundant and use it to make your house, as you will be vulnerable to fire attacks, like a zombie that burns in the sunlight. If this happens, you will lose everything you stored in the shelter, so listen to the Practical’s advice: build it in stone.

4. Avoid going out at night at the beginning of the game

Going out at night to explore early in the game is a bad idea. In addition to your level being low and you most likely not yet having obtained good equipment and weapons, the number of enemies and monsters roaming in the dark is much greater. So, prefer to stay in your protected shelter (don’t forget to put a door on it) and stay safe until the sun rises.

5. Always have food in your inventory- Amazing Minecraft tips

Adventurers don’t stop with an empty stomach, and in Minecraft, this is no different. Another important tip in Minecraft is to have a supply of food in your inventory when you go exploring and keep an eye on your hunger index. If your character dies of hunger, you will lose all your items, so make sure you stay well-fed.

6. Create an infinite water fountain

You can create an infinite water source by digging holes in the ground, following the following principle: the hole you must use to extract the water must be connected to two more water source blocks. For example, dig a 3 x 1 hole 1 cube deep (image above) and fill both ends with water, and everything will be filled. If you always draw water from the center, the fountain will never dry up.

7. Create your farm

As you collect materials, you will find seeds that you can use to plant. With them, you can create a farm and have resources to produce more food and attract animals, something that makes it easier to domesticate cats, and wolves, among other species of animals in Minecraft. Over time, combined with correct management, you will be the owner of a farm, with materials and food at your disposal, as long as you know how to keep the crops and animals in good condition.

best minecraft tips

8. Know what to create

As the name suggests, Minecraft is a game where the main mechanics are mining and crafting items and tools. With the right materials, such as wood, iron, and stone, you can create building elements, weapons, and armor. 

9. Avoid fighting when possible

Although it seems easy to face and defeat enemies, from the simplest to the feared (and short-tempered) Creeper, it is not advisable to enter into combat at low levels, without decent armor or weapons. In other words, prefer to run away from any enemy while you are learning how to manage in Survival mode.

10. Explore Survival mode and Creative mode

The greatest quality of playing Minecraft is its freedom. In Survival mode, the objective is to survive, while Creative mode offers free creation tools. Users have already created everything from 3D printers (!) to rudimentary, fully functional computers. Your imagination is the limit.

11. Change the weather

If it’s easy to know the game time, how about being able to change the weather? It’s very simple, just type: /weather [clear, rain, snow, thunder].