What is copper in Minecraft? See tips on what to do with the item

Copper in Minecraft cannot be used to produce weapons and armor, but it is the raw material for specific items such as lightning rods, spy glasses, and brushes; check out more usage options.

Minecraft is an adventure game that constantly receives updates with new content and items, such as Copper. The ore appeared after update 1.18, Caves & Cliffs, and can be obtained with a Stone Pickaxe. This resource is found in abundance between Y coordinates 112 and -16 or 47 and 48, in addition to beach or stalactite biomes. Copper in Minecraft is essential for creating new items such as the Lightning Rod, Spyglass, and Brush, but it is not used to make tools such as swords or pickaxes. Next, see all the uses of Copper and how to use it in the block game.

What is Copper in Minecraft for?

Now let’s talk about what copper is used for in Minecraft. This item has many uses in the game, although most of it is not something very common for players.

Make Copper Bars

Copper Bars are needed to produce all other items on the list. However, to obtain them, it is necessary to transform the raw ore obtained from the cave walls. At this point, the process is the same as for other ores in the game: simply place the item in a Furnace or Powerful Furnace with a fuel source, such as Coal or Wood Logs, to transform it. The bars themselves have no use but will be raw materials for the manufacture of other items.

Making Copper Blocks and Cut Copper

Copper can be used for construction, for example by placing nine Bars on a Workbench to turn them into a Copper Block. It can also be crafted into bulbs or found in villages. The peculiarity of ore in construction is a peculiar oxidation function, in which blocks slowly turn green every 50 to 82 game days. The block goes through four stages until they are completely oxidized to green.

This makes it possible to notice when certain buildings are older in the game when they have fully oxidized copper. There is a possibility that the process can be prevented by using a Honeycomb on a Copper Block on the Bench. Additionally, oxidation can be temporarily delayed by using an Ax to interact with one of the blocks and “clean” it, removing a level of rust.

block-of-copper in Minecraft

Construction of different houses

Copper can be used to build houses instead of other more traditional materials such as earth, wood, and stone, in addition to being one of the few metals that can be used for large constructions, as iron and gold are more scarce. The use of Cut Copper Blocks with different designs allows you to create interesting and resistant looks that over time will acquire a beautiful greenish hue. Furthermore, when passing a block through the Stone Cutter it will be multiplied into four Cut Copper Blocks, which quickly increases your construction material.

Lightning rod

The Lightning Rod is an item made solely of copper. This item is capable of attracting lightning during storms and preventing an accident from burning down the players’ house if made of wood. The tool can also be used as decoration, although care must be taken to ensure that its function of attracting lightning does not cause problems for the player. To do this, you only need to place three copper bars vertically.



The Spyglass allows you to look in more detail at objects, animals, and characters from a distance, with Caves & Cliffs being introduced. However, in addition to Copper, she needs an Amethyst Fragment, an item that can be found in random areas when mining. During their underground adventures, players can find a kind of room filled with glowing pink stones that make a sound when you step on them. This resource can be obtained by mining only the crystals that grow on the blocks, without attacking the blocks directly.


The Brush is a useful item in the game’s new archeology mechanic, introduced in update 1.20, Trails & Tales. It is made from the combination of a unit of Stick, Copper Bar, and Feather obtained from Chickens. In some ruins such as the Desert Temple, Desert Pits, and Sandstone Ocean Ruins it is possible to find new blocks of Suspicious Sand and Suspicious Gravel. By using the Brush on these blocks, the player can reveal items, including emeralds, twigs, and pieces of ancient vases that can be reconstructed.