How to make potions in Minecraft.

Check the list and table with all potions in Minecraft, including recipes and ingredients for invisibility, healing, and strength, for example; potions offer several advantages to the player during the adventure.

potions in minecraft

Making potions in Minecraft is possible by following some tips. The game features potions that give the player special abilities. Items can help you face stronger aggressive mobs or simply make your adventures easier. In total, more than 10 different potions are available and each of them can be made in the version to be ingested or thrown. The advantages of potions include invisibility, healing, strength, agility, and other devices that help in exploring the world and fighting enemies.

Making them, however, is not so easy – potions require prior knowledge, as well as materials that can only be found in the Nether. In the following guide, see how to make all Minecraft potions. The list includes a table, recipes, ingredients, and the characteristics of each one.

Minecraft potions list

  • Invisibility Potion;
  • Night Vision Potion;
  • Fire Resistance Potion;
  • Agility Potion;
  • Potion of Underwater Breathing;
  • Cure Potion;
  • Potion of Strength;
  • Regeneration Potion;
  • Potion of Slow Fall;
  • Master Turtle’s Potion.

Potion support in Minecraft

To start making your potions, you need to create your “Potions Stand”. To build it, you need 3 Boulder Blocks and a Glowing Rod (this item drops from Blaze, a monster that lives in the Nether). On the Workbench, place the 3 Boulders in the bottom row of squares and the stick in the center square.

How to make potions in Minecraft

To create potions, you need to have some important items in advance. The first of these is a “Potions Booth”, created with 3 Boulders and 1 Flame Rod (obtained by killing Flames in the Nether). The Potions Shack’s fuel is “Flame Powder”, obtained in pairs using 1 Flame Rod. Just go to the “Food” section of Crafting and select the item to craft it. The more potions are created, the more the item will be consumed and over time it will be necessary to replenish it to continue using the Potions Booth.

You also need to create “Glass Bottles” which require 3 Glass blocks each and need to be filled with water. An optional item that helps with this is the “Cauldron” made from 7 Iron blocks. It can be filled with a Water Bucket and allows bottles to be filled in it. You can fill the bottles at any nearby water source.

The first step for all potions is to place bottles of water in the Potions Stand and then add “Underworld Wart” to create an “Evil Potion”. This is the base potion from which all others are derived. In some specific cases, it is necessary to have another potion first, but these are exceptions. When the potion is ready, there is also the possibility of mixing “Glowstone Powder” to increase its potency or Redstone to increase its duration.


How to make strange, thick and common potion

An ingredient that is present in all potions is the “Nether Fungus”, an item found in the Nether, generally in fortresses. You can also grow the fungus in a place close to your portal within the Nether itself – this will help you always have fungi at your disposal. To make a portal to this world, you need to have 14 Obsidians.

You can make this block by throwing a bucket of water into a pool of lava. The meeting of the two elements will form Obsidians, which can only be broken with Diamond Pickaxes. To make the portal, make a 4×5 rectangle.

It is worth remembering that, to be useful, these fungi need to be at a certain stage. They only grow when the player is in that environment, that is, try to spend time in the Nether so that your plantation grows a lot.

How to make all potions in Minecraft

Below, see the recipes for all potions in the game. Remember to watch the progress bar next to where you place the main ingredient and the marbles next to it, to make sure that the potion is reacting and that you are doing everything right.

How to make the Invisibility potion

To make this potion, the player must create a Potion of Night Vision first. After creating it, add a “Fermented Spider Eye” to obtain the Invisibility Potion. Fermented Spider’s Eye can be made in the Food tab with a Spider’s Eye, a Mushroom (brown), and Sugar. By becoming invisible, it is possible to go unnoticed by enemies and escape complicated situations.

How to make the Night Vision potion in Minecraft

To create the Night Vision potion, simply add a “Golden Carrot” to an Evil Potion. The Golden Carrot must be created with a regular carrot and 8 gold nuggets. The Night Vision potion makes the player’s vision perfect even in the dark and is a great option for exploring places that may be difficult to illuminate normally.

How to make the Fire Resistance potion

With a starting base of Evil Potion, simply add a “Magma Cream”, a mixture made from Flame Powder and Slimeball. Slimeball can be obtained by defeating Slimes in swamp biomes. The Fire Resistance Potion allows the user to swim in boiling lava without taking damage, something that can be quite useful when exploring the Nether.

How to make the Agility Potion

By adding Sugar to an Evil Potion at the Potions Stand, which can be obtained through Sugar Cane, the player can create an Agility Potion. With it, you can gain a little more speed when moving or running, as well as slightly expanding your field of vision while doing so.

How to Make an Underwater Breathing Potion

To make the Underwater Breathing potion, you need a “Puffer Fish”, a fish that can be caught with some luck or attacked directly when you see it underwater. Mix with an Evil Potion to obtain the Potion of Underwater Breathing. This is the perfect potion for exploring underwater temples and facing drowning people who get in your way.

How to make the Healing Potion

Healing in Minecraft requires the player to have a full stomach. The advantage of a Healing Potion is that it can instantly restore your energy. To do this, simply mix a Sparkling Melon with an Evil Potion. This Melon is crafted with a slice of melon and 8 gold nuggets. The Healing Potion instantly restores two hearts, which can be useful in a pinch.

How to make a Strength Potion

For players who are ready for combat, a good option is to create a Strength Potion. To do this, simply add Flame Powder as an ingredient to mix into the potion and not as fuel. This item increases the strength of the character’s blows and, combined with good equipment, it is possible to finish off several enemies with just a few hits.

How to make Regeneration Potion

Unlike the Healing Potion, the Regeneration Potion offers a long-term cure that restores your hearts little by little and is more geared toward long battles. To create it, you need to mix a Tear of Ghast with the mixture of an Evil Potion. This item is a bit difficult to obtain, as it requires killing Ghasts in the Nether, which typically floats near lava.

How to make Potion of Slow Fall

The player obtains a Potion of Slow Fall by adding a Ghost Membrane to an Evil Potion. The item is perfect for slowly falling somewhere and completely negating falling damage. This potion can be the difference between life and death when being hit by a floating Shulker shot in The End. Ghost Membranes can be obtained by killing ghosts, which fly over the player after a few sleepless nights.

How to make Master Turtle Potion

Master Turtle’s Potion is a curious potion, as it is a double-edged sword. By mixing the Evil Potion with a Turtle Shell, obtained by killing turtles, the player can create the Turtle Master’s Potion. The item offers great resistance to withstand enemy attacks, although it also applies a huge slowing effect. Aligned with the right strategy, this potion can help take down powerful enemies.

Types of potions and tables

  • Positive, Negative, and Neutral (with 1 effect ingredient);
  • Magnified Positive, Magnified Negative, and Magnified Neutral (with 2 effect ingredients).

Minecraft potion table: Positive (Base: Strange Potion)

RegenerationGhast’s Tear+1 heart every 2s45s
CureGlittering Watermelon+2 heartsInstant
Breathe underwaterPuffer fishAllows you to breathe in the water3 minutes
Night visionGolden CarrotSee in the dark3 minutes
StrengthBlaze Powder+30% damage3 minutes
Fire resistanceMagma CreamImmunity to fire and lava3 minutes
AgilitySugar+20% speed3 minutes
JumpRabbit’s foot+½ jump block3 minutes
Slow FallPhantom membraneEliminates fall damage1 min 30s

Minecraft Potion Table: Negatives

PoisonStrange PotionSpider Eye1 minute and 30s45s
WeaknessMundane PotionFermented Spider Eye-50% damage1 min and 30s

Minecraft potion table: Neutral

From Master TurtleStrange PotionTurtle shellSlow 420s

Minecraft Potion Table: Expanded Positives

Regeneration IIRegenerationGlowstone Dust+1 heart per second16s
Regeneration+RegenerationRedstone+1 heart every 2s2 minutes
Cure IICureGlowstone Dust+4 heartsInstant
Breathing underwater IIBreathe underwaterRedstoneAllows you to breathe in the water8 minutes
Night Vision+Night visionRedstoneSee in the dark8 minutes
InvisibilityNight visionFermented Spider EyeInvisible character3 minutes
Invisibility+InvisibilityRedstoneInvisible character8 minutes
Strength IIStrengthGlowstone Dust+160% damage1 minute and 30s
Strength +StrengthRedstone+30% damage8 minutes
Fire Resistance+Fire resistanceRedstoneImmunity to fire and lava8 minutes
Agility IIAgilityGlowstone Dust+40% speed1 min and 30s
Agility+AgilityRedstone+20% speed8 minutes
Jump IIJumpGlowstone Dust+1 and 1/2 jump blocks1 min 30s
Slow Fall IISlow FallRedstoneEliminates fall damage4 minutes

Minecraft Potion Table: Expanded Negatives

Weakness+StrengthFermented Spider Eye-50% damage dealt4 minutes
Poison IIPoisonGlowstone Dust-1 heart per second22s
Poison+PoisonRedstone-1 heart every 3s2 minutes
SlowSpeed ​​or JumpFermented Spider Eye-15% speed1 min and 30s
Slow+SlowRedstone-15% speed4 minutes
Slow IVSlowGlowstone Dust-60% speed20s
DamageCure or PoisonFermented Spider Eye-3 heartsSnapshot
Damage IIDamageGlowstone Dust-6 heartsSnapshot

Minecraft Potion Table: Expanded Neutral

Master Turtle IIFrom Master TurtleGlowstone DustSlow VI20s
Endurance IV
Master Turtle+From Master TurtleRedstoneSlow IV40s
Endurance III