How to make concrete in Minecraft?

Knowing how to make concrete in Minecraft is a way to improve your decoration with perfect solids and vibrant colors.


Anyone who likes to innovate in Minecraft constructions has certainly already used wool to create more colorful places. However, the material is flammable and is easily destroyed. There is an alternative: concrete. The block is more resistant and even more beautiful to use in your creations. Even though it has a longer manufacturing process than wool blocks, concrete yields more and will also leave your home more protected. To help you with this task,  read this very simple tutorial on how to make concrete in Minecraft.

What is a concrete block in Minecraft?

The Concrete Block is a unique type of block in Minecraft, as it transforms outside of the player’s Creation screen. Through Craft, it is only possible to create Concrete Dust, a block that is similar to Sand but which, when it comes into contact with Water or Lava, hardens and becomes a Concrete Block – and is resistant to construction. When it is still in its Concrete Powder form, the best way to extract it is with a Shovel. However, after becoming a Concrete Block, you need to use a Pickaxe.

How to make concrete in Minecraft?

  • Step 1. Get some Sand and Gravel blocks. At least four Sand blocks and four Gravel blocks are required for each Concrete block;
    • Where to Find Sand and Gravel: First, you will need to get sand and gravel blocks. Both materials are usually found in rivers and sea coasts, both on the ground and on rocky coasts. In addition to these places, you find sand in deserts (obviously) and gravel inside mountains too.
  • Step 2. Create a Dye to color the Concrete block. In this case, we will use White Dye created from Skeleton Bone and Bone Meal as an example;
    • How to make dyes: Items for dyeing concrete and other Minecraft objects come from the most diverse sources. Although the majority are flower-based, others are generated from cooking, and others are simply transformed on the menu or the counter. Here’s how to make them:
      • Take a flower, item, or raw material block for your dye;
      • Open the inventory, access the bench or furnace that will carry out the process;
      • In the case of flowers, ink bags, and bone, simply place them in one of the squares and the dyes will be available. For cooking items, place the item in the top left square and a fuel in the bottom. The dye will come out in the space on the right.
  • Step 3. On a Crafting Table, gather the three ingredients to create Concrete Dust;
    • How to Make Concrete Powder: With your favorite dye, sand, and gravel at hand, it’s time to make the base of the desired concrete: concrete powder.
      • Set aside four blocks of sand, four blocks of gravel, and a dye of your choice;
      • Access the bench and place items in any position;
      • Once this is done, you will have the eight blocks of “Concrete Dust”.
  • Step 4. Now create a controlled area to expose the Concrete Powder to Water;
  • Step 5. Put the Concrete Powder and Water in contact and it will become a Concrete Block;

Characteristics of concrete in Minecraft

  • It is not flammable;
  • Higher quality than dyed Terracotta;
  • The shovel works better than a pickaxe for harvesting ingredients;
  • Rainwater does not transform concrete.

How to break concrete in Minecraft without losing

After the entire process, it is common for some unsuspecting players to break the concrete block and lose it. To avoid this, just mine the concrete with a pickaxe made of any material. The pick recipe is simple, but if you don’t remember how to make it, just follow the steps:

  • Collect wooden logs and process them into wooden planks;
  • Use the boards to produce sticks, you will need two;
  • Set aside three wooden planks, gravel, iron bar, gold bar or diamond;
  • On the bench, place the two sticks vertically and the chosen ores horizontally, forming a “T”.

What are the colors of concrete and its dyes?

In total, it is possible to make 16 different colors of concrete. Just change the paint that is mixed with the sand and gravel. See the table below for how to do each of them:

Redred dyepoppy, rose bush, red tulip and beetroot
Yellowyellow dyedandelion and sunflower
Greengreen dyefrom cooking a cactus
BlackBlack inksquid ink bag or wither rose
Brownbrown dyecocoa beans
Blueblue dyelapis lazuli or centarea
Whitewhite dyebone meal or lily of the valley
Orangeorange dyeorange tulip
Light bluelight blue dyeblue orchid
Magentamagenta dyelilac flower or wild garlic
pinkpink dyepink peony or tulip
Light graylight gray dyeblue wildflower, daisy or white tulip
Green Lemonlime green dyefrom cooking a sea cucumber
Cyanmixture of dyesgreen dye + blue dye or lapis lazuli
Graymixture of dyesblack paint or paint bag + white dye or bone meal