How to make a piston in Minecraft?

Whether pulling or pushing, learn how to make a piston in Minecraft and automate various functions within the game.


The importance of knowing how to make a piston goes far beyond simple push or pull movements. Making a piston in Minecraft can be of great help in pushing or pulling blocks, creating automatic doors, and even serving as traps for hostile creatures and other players. Its manufacture is simple and applies to both the normal piston and a sticky version. These tools are very useful for making some tasks powered by Redstone stones and torches automatic. 

Next, find out what materials you need to make a piston in Minecraft, whether basic or sticky. See also some uses of the item in the game for PC, consoles, Android cell phones, and iPhone (iOS).

Types of Piston in Minecraft

Before starting the tutorial, it is necessary to clarify: that there is no single type of piston. There are two categories of pistons each having a specific function.

  • Basic Piston: This is normal. it has the particularity of being used to push any type of block.
  • Sticky piston: This one is a little more curious, as it not only pushes blocks but can also attract them.

How to make basic piston in Minecraft?

To craft a basic piston, gather the following ingredients:

  • 3 wooden boards of any type;
  • 4 boulders;
  • 1 iron bar;
  • 1 redstone dust.

With the items collected, place them on a Crafting Table, following a specific order: the wooden planks go in the first row; the boulders on the sides; and the iron bar and Redstone in the missing spaces in the middle.


How to make a sticky piston?

Now that you have a normal piston if you wish you can make a sticky piston. You only need a slime ball. You can find Smiles near swamps and in caves. These creatures are hostile. For each Smile you receive a block and, in turn, with one block you can craft 9 Smile balls.

Finally, on the workbench, you have to put a Smile ball and the piston to make a sticky piston. That’s it! It has not been an easy job. Well, it’s not that it’s difficult, more than anything it requires spending some time gathering the materials.


How to find or create slime in Minecraft?

To make the sticky piston you need to have a slime ball in your inventory. This item can be found by defeating monsters in caves. Another very curious way to get slime is with baby pandas: if they sneeze, there is a 10% chance of dropping a ball of slime.

What is the piston for?

With a piston, you can do the following:

  • Push blocks (simplest function, but does not work with Obsidian and Bedrock);
  • Pull blocks (when the piston is combined with a Slime Ball it turns into a Sticky Piston);
  • Trigger traps (because they work automatically when energized, it is very useful in this role);
  • Simulate automatic opening of doors and gates (acts similarly to the trap system, but focused on doors);
  • Push player and MOBs (the piston does this task, but cannot crush players and MOBs against solids);
  • Water gates (even when activated, the piston is not hollow, assuming the role of a solid block, which prevents the passage of water through a stream);
  • Pushing carts and boats (does the physical work of propulsion, if the cart is on a rail, pushes both together).
  • The piston works as a tool to help with other tasks in Minecraft. The most common is to push up to 12 blocks (which is not compatible with Obsidian and Bedrock) and pull blocks (in the case of the sticky piston).
  • On the offensive, pistons can be used to trigger traps and push mobs and players, as the object works in multiplayer mode. You can also push carts and boats, in addition to activating water gates.

Curiosities about the item

  • The piston can push a maximum of 12 blocks;
  • If it returns to the off position, the sticky piston does not pull any blocks;
  • When blocks are pushed by the piston, items, and players above the block will fall;
  • Blocks with extra data are not pushed by pistons (chest, dispenser, etc…);
  • Portals cannot be pushed;
  • Pistons work in multiplayer mode.

I hope this brief guide can help with your automation tasks within Minecraft. This engineering machine brings with it many ways of being used in the game. Who knows, you might discover new ways to use the tool. Good game.