Learn how to make Rails in Minecraft

Do you want help transporting a mine cart within your farms? Find out how to make trails in Minecraft and see some tips.


Rails in Minecraft can be useful mainly as a complement to mining, and they are even better if you have already built an automatic system to transport them. So, see below how to do them in the game and their variations.

Minecraft: rail types

 In addition to these two types of basic rail, there is also the Activator Rail that can activate some special feature of a cart and the Detector Rail that emits a Redstone signal. There are currently four types of railways in Minecraft:

1. Common Rail

The most common type of Rail is made from six Iron Bars, found as a mineral in caves, and one Stick, crafted from Wooden Planks. Combining these items creates a package of 16 common tracks that a Mine Cart can travel alone at low speeds on flat terrain. You can naturally speed them up by ramping them down and riding a cart.

Electric Rail

For the second type, let’s see how to make an Electric Rail, a Gold Rail that uses six Gold Bars, a handful of Redstone, and a Stick. Gold and Redstone are also materials that can be found in caves, but can only be mined by Iron Pickaxes. The Powered Rail needs to be “turned on” by a Redstone Torch or another type of signal like a Lever to become a powered rail. When the player passes over the rail, their Mine Cart is launched with great speed, but it may stop if the rail is deactivated.

Activator Rail

This is a track that can “activate” different features on Mine Carts when they pass over it. In a common cart, the Activator Rail causes the player, or another entity in the cart, to be expelled, as if they had left it. On a Hopper Cart, the Activator Rail turns the ability to move items on and off. Already in a Cart with TNT, he prepares it to explode. It is made with six Iron Bars, two Sticks, and a Redstone Torch.


Detector Rail

Created from six Iron Bars, a Handful of Redstone, and a Stone Pressure Plate (made from Smooth Stone), the Detector Rail is capable of emitting a Redstone signal when a Mine Cart passes over it. This signal can be extended with a line made of Redstone dust and thus activate several other elements.


What tools are needed?

To be able to follow trails in the game, you need to have access to some tools on your journey:

  • Pickaxe — both for mining materials and building tracks ;
  • Workbench — some tracks require this tool ;
  • Sticks ;
  • Redstone — for special types of trails.

Uses of rails in Minecraft

Rails can be used to take the player and other entities over great distances, as long as there is an automatic rail system prepared in advance. Minecarts can pass along standard rails, but they can’t speed and can’t climb hills unless there is an Electrified Rail to push them. Taking trails in Minecraft is one of the ways to get around faster in the game for PCs, video game consoles, and cell phones. It is also one of the most used resources to transport materials, ingredients, and other types of cargo.

As you’ve seen, it’s not that difficult to make rails in Minecraft. What may be time-consuming is building an entire railway line to transport mining items. But the effort may be worth it if you often extract large