How to Get Custom Heads in Minecraft [2024]

Custom heads in Minecraft are used as decoration blocks, but they can also have other uses. See how to get them in the popular open-world game.


It is possible to obtain customized heads in Minecraft, in addition to modifying other characteristics of your character in the popular block game. The title is known for allowing players to transform the environment around them and build whatever they want. In this tutorial, see how to get custom heads in Minecraft.

Uses of Custom heads in Minecraft

While Minecraft players traditionally have the head that their skin provides, it is also possible to equip custom heads. These custom heads allow players to completely change the look of their heads. In Minecraft, you can use custom heads as decorative blocks, to create fireworks stars, or for disguises, similar to pumpkins. They can make great and fun additions to environments like dungeons, temples, and other such places.

How to create customized heads in Minecraft

In the creative’s inventory, there are five heads available (skeleton, wither skeleton, zombie, human, and creeper). However, in total, there are more than 300 head options. Some are made available by the game developer itself, but the majority are from players who have had their nicknames authenticated. Player heads in multiplayer situations can be added via commands, while more custom variants may require mods or plugins. In any case, getting one of these head variants shouldn’t be too difficult, especially for players who are familiar with the nuances of modding and using controls.

Get player heads via commands

If you want to add a different head to a player, just enter the command: /give @p skull 1 3 {SkullOwner:” Nickdoplayer”}, and put the player’s nickname where it says “Nickdoplayer”. Below, some nicknames with the respective appearance of their heads were listed.

Nicks and commands

Player nicknameHead Appearance
Fish181Old Camera
Shut upGlobe
Eien15Nintendo GameCube
SysfailureBarras RGB na TV
3i5g00dOld camera

You can also have Minecraft mob heads. The command is practically the same, but before placing the chosen mob, just type “MHF” first. This way: /give @p skull 1 3 {SkullOwner:”MHF_Name”}. In place of “Name”, you can put any mob you want, but in English, for example, Villager, Pig, Cow, Cake, and Apple.

Custom heads are a great way to add variety to the Minecraft experience, offering even more customization options that players wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Plus, it can be fun to look like another character or player for a while, even if you don’t necessarily have a matching skin. There are lots of fun head/skin customizations and players should check out some custom heads.