How to Create and Use Sign in Minecraft?[2024]

If you would like to display some text, block, or redirect the flow of water and lava, you are undoubtedly looking to know how to make a sign in Minecraft. In addition to displaying unique text, they can also be used as fuel.

If you are interested in knowing the recipe for creating a sign, where you can use it, and even discover where they are generated naturally, check out more details below!

What is needed to make a sign in Minecraft?


Making a sign in Minecraft is painless and doesn’t require a lot of resources. We’ll go over this first for those who came here just looking for the crafting recipe. You will need the following resources to make a sign.

  • 6 x wooden boards (all boards must be the same type of wood, different types of wood lead to different types of signs)
  • 1 x stick

Since it’s only made of different shapes of wood, the panels are accessible very early in the game. You can even create one in less than a minute from the moment you spawn if you’re quick. In single-player games, signs don’t serve multiple purposes. Still, they can add a level of immersion to your world.


What types of boards can be created?

Below, you can see a list of all types of plates that can be created in Minecraft:

  • Oak board;
  • Pine board;
  • Birch board;
  • Jungle wood board;
  • Acacia board;
  • Dark oak board;
  • Mangrove plate;
  • Crimson plate;
  • Distorted plate.

How does sign text work in Minecraft?

When adding text to a card, you can fill the space to four lines, and it can be edited using mouse or arrow keys. Once the editing screen is closed, the text can be changed just by removing or replacing it. Additionally, copy-and-paste commands cannot be executed.


Signs are placed like any other block – using the secondary action button. They will face you on the block they are placed in or will lie flat if placed on the side of a block.

To manipulate the text on the sign, you need to look at it, so that its hitbox is highlighted, and press the secondary action button again. From there, you will be able to edit the text on four lines. Once you finish typing what you want on the sign and exit the text editing screen, you cannot edit the text unless you break the sign.


Colorful text

  • Java: The only way to change the colors of a panel with commands is to apply dyes. This can be done by using the secondary action button while the dye is in your hand. Once applied, the color of the text on the sign will change to the color of the dye you were holding.
  • Bedrock: Colors can be applied to text by typing the format code § before the text.


Plates can be placed on any part of the blocks (including non-solid ones like fences, glass, and other plates, for example).

Oak slabs are generated naturally in igloo basements, while pine slabs can be found in houses in taiga villages.

Plates can be broken with any tool (or without using them), however, if you use an axe, collecting them becomes much faster.

Ready! From now on you know how to make a sign in Minecraft and have access to additional information about the object.