How to make a rope in Minecraft?

Learn how to make a rope in Minecraft, which allows you to easily capture animals or creatures throughout the game’s adventure.


We can create a multitude of elements in our Minecraft games, some elements are more valid than others, some will help us survive the enemies and others are essential for our animals, such as the rope.

The rope is one of those essential elements if we want all our defenseless animals to be better controlled since we can gather them in a safer area or manage them in our village. That is why we tell you exactly what is the rope in Minecraft, how to obtain each of the materials, and what we should do to get the most out of it.

How to make a rope in Minecraft?

  • This is one of the easiest recipes you can get in Minecraft, and we need a Slime ball and four threads.
  • On the one hand, we can obtain the Slime ball quite easily near the swamps and in the caves. Slimes are a kind of green block that we must eliminate to obtain this object in exchange.
  • Then when it comes to the thread, it’s even easier, because you have to kill spiders, and for each spider eliminated you will receive a thread.
  • Once we have all the materials you need to create the recipe as we show you in the image, that is, putting the Slime ball in the center, and then the threads in the first and second quadrants of the first row, in the first quadrant of the second row and the last quadrant of the last row.
  • With this we will receive two ropes.
  • Then we have a lot of animals that we can tie to ropes such as bees, chickens, cows, dolphins, monkeys, foxes, horses, llamas, pigs, rabbits, sheep, or wolves, among many others.

What animals can be lassoed in Minecraft?

Most of the animals (mobs) in Minecraft can be lassoed using ropes and ties. When you lasso a creature, it can be guided wherever you want, and you can drag it to your home in the game. These are the mobs that can be lassoed in Minecraft:

  • Bee;
  • Butter;
  • Horse;
  • Rabbit;
  • Coguvaca (both variants);
  • Hen;
  • Cat;
  • Iron Golem;
  • Golem de name;
  • Dolphin;
  • Ocelot;
  • Llama (including street vendor llamas);
  • Lobo;
  • Lula ‌(exclusive to Bedrock Edition);
  • From;
  • Sheep;
  • Parrot;
  • Fox;
  • Polar Bear;
  • Cow.

What is the function of the rope in Minecraft?

The rope allows you to lasso other mobs, as the passive or offensive creatures in the game are called, and carry them across the map, with your hands. They are useful for taming wild animals in your home or for trapping an enemy that you depend on a certain item to collect.

When the player is in any environment in Minecraft and finds, for example, a cat, he can tame it. To domesticate a cat it is also necessary to have fish, but fish will not always be available. The player is left to tie the cat with the rope and bring it home or trap it while getting the item.

Tied up, the cat will not run away and will not be “degenerated”, that is, when it disappears from the game, due to the action of the system itself. Furthermore, it is possible to bring the cat, being guided the entire way, with no chance of escape, unless the rope breaks for some reason.

Other Uses of Lassoes and Rope in Minecraft

Lassoing animals isn’t the only use of a rope in Minecraft. The item can also be used to make balloons. Below, see the available variants and their respective ingredients:

  • Common balloon: 6 Latex, 1 dye, 1 helium, 1 bow;
  • White balloon: 6 Latex, 1 bone meal, 1 helium, 1 bow;
  • Blue balloon: 6 Latex, 1 lapis lazuli, 1 helium, 1 bow;
  • Brown balloon: 6 Latex, 1 cocoa seed, 1 helium, 1 bow;
  • Black balloon: 6 Latex, 1 paint bag, 1 helium, 1 bow.

Tips on Ropes and Loops in Minecraft

  • Multiple mobs can be held by lassoes at the same time, but it is not permitted to use one lasso to bind them all. A rope only lassoes one animal at a time;
  • Just like other Minecraft items, ties and ropes can break over time, requiring repairs;
  • A loop can stretch for up to 10 blocks before breaking;
  • A bond attached to a hoglin breaks if the mob becomes a zoglin;
  • Lassoed mobs do not disappear from the game;
  • If the player moves too far away from the location where the mob was lassoed, the rope breaks and falls like an item, leaving the animal free to roam;
  • If the player falls asleep while holding a lasso, the mob remains attached to it until it awakens.

Is it possible to get a rope in Minecraft?

A Rope in Minecraft can also be obtained. They are usually found inside chests spread across the map – those that can be found in enemy mansions, houses within villages even in sunken ships. It is normal for ropes collected in this way to come in large quantities. They do not wear out after being used, but they can be broken or destroyed. Furthermore, the more ropes in the inventory, the more animals or creatures it is possible to lasso.